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Here is an excerpt from the upcoming release of “Larry’s Got A Secret Too” by Brian W. Smith

Larry’s Got a Secret Too (Excerpt)….the long awaited sequel to “Nina’s Got a Secret”

Nina tiptoed into her daughter’s bedroom; moving cautiously as she stepped over baby dolls and coloring books. She leaned over Precious and listened to the faint snores that escaped the child’s tiny cheeks. “Precious.” Whispering so that only the child could hear. “C’mon Precious – wake up baby.”


“Yeah baby, its mama. I need you to get up so that we can go.”

“Where are we going?” asked the child, drool seeping out of her mouth.

“We’re going for a ride,” said Nina as she peeked over her shoulder looking for any other signs of life in the dark bedroom.

The digital clock on the nightstand read 4:28 A.M. The huge teddy bear Larry gave Precious on her birthday was propped against the wall. At first glance, the stuffed animal’s silhouette looked like an actual human watching their every move. Nina’s heart rate increased. A layer of sweat formed on her forehead in spite of the cool breeze generated by the slow turning ceiling fan that hung just above their heads.

While Precious sat on the edge of her bed yawning and wiping her eyes, Nina rummaged through the child’s drawers. The room was so dimly lit she could barely see more than two feet in front of her. She managed to grab several pairs of socks, t-shirts, and panties. It wasn’t until she glanced back at Precious’ bed that she realized the child had laid back down.

“Precious. Precious get up baby.”

“I’m sleepy,” Precious whined.

Nina walked over and pulled the child up—gently smacking her on the face like she was trying to keep a drunk friend from passing out. “C’mon baby, I know you’re sleepy, but mama needs you to wake up so we can go.”

Nina made Precious stand up next to the bed to reduce the probability of her becoming reacquainted with her pillow. The child stood there staggering while Nina continued packing.

Frantic at this point, Nina felt her way over to the closet and started grabbing clothes. Hangers were flung across the room as she retrieved shirts and pants. She would have packed Precious’ suitcase sooner, but Larry was such a hands-on father, Nina was afraid he might notice some of the child’s clothes missing. By the time she finished sifting through Precious’ stuff, the room looked like it had been hit by a tornado.

Nina crammed all of the clothes into a small suitcase and zipped it. “C’mon baby,” Nina urged as she grabbed the handle of the suitcase with one hand, and Precious’ wrist with the other. Nina took measured steps towards the bedroom door while Precious drug her tiny feet across the carpet.

“Where are we going mama?”

“Shhh,” Nina replied. “Be quiet Precious. I’ll tell you where we’re going when we get in the car.”

Nina opened the bedroom door and peered into the hallway. The staircase was just a few feet away. All she needed to do was get to the bottom of the stairs and she’d be on her way—to a new life.

She felt like a convict attempting to escape from prison. Scenes from the movie, Escape from Alcatraz, entered her mind as she got closer to the stairs. Much like Clint Eastwood in that movie, she’d been plotting her escape from her life with Larry for months. She’d opened a new savings account under her maiden name. Deposited the ten thousand dollars Precious earned from the commercial she’d appeared in. Identified and placed a deposit on a new place to live. She was ready.

Fearing Larry might get suspicious; she’d avoided spending most of the monthly allowance he gave her during the previous three months. The day before she attempted to leave in the dark of night, she went to the bank. Entering a few minutes before it closed, she withdrew $30,000 from the account he’d set up for her when they were first married.

Nina’s anxiety increased as she neared the stairs. The layer of sweat that started to form on her forehead minutes earlier was now fully developed beads of perspiration. She had more moisture on her brow than she had in her parched mouth.

Nina glanced at her bedroom door. It was still closed. She could hear Larry snoring. He’d fallen asleep without putting in his mouthpiece so his trademark deep throaty snore could be heard throughout the second floor of the massive house.

“C’mon baby,” Nina commanded. “Watch your step.”

Before Nina’s foot could land on the first step she heard a voice. “Where are you going?”

The voice came from the shadows behind her. Nina was so scared, her ass cheeks clinched. She released the suitcase and gripped the railings, her grip of Precious’ tiny wrist tightened. Her heart hadn’t beaten that hard since the night she crashed her SUV in the lake.

She squinted to see the person emerging from the darkness. She’d accounted for Larry. She knew it couldn’t have been Maria because she’d left for the evening after cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

Nina thought she accounted for everyone, but she’d totally forgotten to monitor the whereabouts of the one person whom she should have feared the most…her sister-in-law Barbara.

Barbara emerged from the darkness like the grim reaper. Arms folded. Eyes piercing. Even though it was before the break of dawn, her negative attitude could be seen in her body language like the bright lenses at the top of a creepy lighthouse a few miles off of shore. But, unlike the lighthouse, which is designed to warn those headed towards maritime danger, Barbara often urged and even prayed for Nina to take the wrong path in life. Any type of chink, real or perceived, in Nina’s once inpenetrable armor seemed to satisify Barbara’s thirst to have her sister-in-law removed from her brother’s life.

Like an Usher Board member at church that can’t get church goer’s to sit in the front pews, Barbara stood there like she was ready to fight. Even though she’d struggled to see anything in the dimly lit hallway, Nina was able to see the scowl on her arch enemy’s face. Whatever non-verbal cues Nina may have missed because of the poor lighting in the hallway were clearly discernable when she focused on the cold aggressive tone Barbara used.

“I asked you a question Nina! Where are you going?”


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