Interview with Jihad, Author of Dark Horse Assassin


Jihad we have known each other for several years now and most people know that you aren’t just a writer to me, you are like my big brother. Even though we are close you are one of the most talented writers I know. You bring real life issues to your books and it should make people think and realize what’s going on in our society today. But for those who don’t know the Jihad I know, let’s give the readers a chance to get to know.

Tiffany: Can you tell us where you are originally from?
Jihad: I originally from Indianapolis, In., and I was raised from a teenager in Atlanta, GA.

Tiffany: So, how long have you been writing and what inspired you to write?
Jihad: I’ve been writing since 1998 and I was inspired to write by the way I saw African-Americans being depicted in books and media, not just by White society but by Black society. They say the easiest way to keep a secret from a Black man is to put it in a book, because it is said that we don’t read. I was in 6 different Prisons for seven years and one of the constants in each prison was Black men reading. And even then the reality that we were reading wasn’t our reality, so I decided to write after reading so much about history and African and African-American rebellions and movements of resistance to oppression, and many of these movements Blacks were victorious but since we live in a society dominated by a historically racist and oppressive system this history has been rewritten so as to look as if people of color didn’t influence and dominate world culture at any time. I was tired of reading about people of color from an objective realm, so I decided to write the Black story from an objective and victorious African-centered world view.

Tiffany: Out of all the books you have written what is your favorite one and why?
Jihad: World War Gangster… It’s the story of the next American and world revolution, it’s the most realistic interpretation of what people of color need to do and could realistically do to attain true freedom in America and the world.  It’s the ultimate story of resistance and triumph.

Tiffany: I know that you are very passionate about helping our youth and our men who are incarcerated in our prison system. Can you tell me more about the Wake-Up Foundation?
Jihad: The Wake Up Everybody foundation is working closely with Forever Family (another NON-profit organization to assist children that have parents that are incarcerated and we are starting a program to help people (Mentally)  transitioning form prison back into society.

Tiffany: Your newest release is Dark Horse Assassin. What was your motivation for writing this book?
Jihad: History was my motivation. We as Blacks and intellectuals often complain about the inaccurate and whitewashed depictions of biblical characters and scripture in books and on the big screen. I wanted to write the story of the Apocalypse, Armageddon the way it should historically play out. Even Blacks have fallen victim to whitewashing. I live in Georgia, the bible belt and so many people would come up to me at signings and turn their noses up at me and refuse to even give my books a chance because they weren’t  Christian or so the person said.  They wouldn’t even listen as I tried to explain that my books were Jesus books, because Jesus’s people were all Gutter, from the hood. They were Killers, liars, thieves, adulterers the whole nine, these are the people Jesus broke bread with and rolled with, these are the people that I write about and try t reach through a telling of their perceived reality to what’s really going on.

Tiffany:Do you think people in our government would be upset by the things you have written in this book or perhaps the things that was writing in World War Gangster?
Jihad: They will, if enough people start buying and reading my books.

Tiffany: So, if I wanted to be a writer what advice would you give me?
Jihad: WRITE! Don’t think to much, just write every day, if it’s a sentence or a paragraph, WRITE! Get the thoughts out of your head, don’t worry about organizing them until you’ve gotten your story out of your head. And last read. If you are no an AVID reader, do not waste your time writing. YOU WILL NOT BE A SUCCESSFUL IMPACTFUL  WRITER IF YOU DON’T LOVE TO READ.

Tiffany:: Being in a book club before, how important is traveling and promoting your books to you? How does it help or hinder you with your success?
Jihad: It’s very important that your fans see you and get a chance to talk with you. It’s also important to the writer’s psyche, there is nothing more motivational than being around a bunch of people that loved and are analyzing your work, your creation. My fans, the 3 or 4 I have motivate me to keep writing.

Tiffany:: So can you tell me what is next for Jihad? What do we have the pleasure of anticipating on?
Jihad: There are 2 more books in the dark Horse Assassin series that I want to right. They will come if enough people support and enjoy Dark Horse Assassin.

Tiffany:I thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk to me. I wish you all the success in the world and I hope more people will start to read your books. I know in my heart once they pick up just one book they will not be disappointed. For more information on Jihad please visit him at

Thank you sis, for all your love

Jihad S. Uhuru



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