Dark Horse Assassin Review


Dark Horse Assassin by Jihad


I have read several books by Jihad before and I must admit this is like nothing I have read before. Jihad brings you thoughts to this book that makes you wonder if this is really going on. I wonder did that really happen. Dark Horse Assassin Rise of the Messiah makes you wonder can things like this really exist in our Society today. The characters in the book seem so real that I was like wow really.

In this book you will meet Treble whose one of the world’s best Assassin who works for the government. However we all know all good things must come to an end. While Treble being the best is coming to the end real soon but before it does he is preparing his son to be the next best thing. Zion is be prepared by Treble and others to be the next Dark Horse Assassin. What do I mean by that….well I mean that he’s be prepared to come up against the evil that dwells within our Society. With the help of the nation’s most prolific spiritual leaders Zion and his friends try to redeem mankind while barely staying a step ahead of the most powerful men who have two goals. What will happen as Zion embarks on being the Dark Horse Assassin? Will the greatest triumph of good really supreme all evil or will evil prevail?

Pickup your copy of Dark Horse Assassin today and find out what is really going on as the next Messiah Rise. Find out how Jihad brings realistic situations to his book and how he honestly makes you think about the things that are going on within our society.


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Christians with Pervasive Issues

book cover

Book: Christians with Pervasive Issues

Author: Annie Brown

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

Hosted By: Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours


The author is hosting a giveaway. Enter to win a copy of her book. Two winners will be chosen. Sponsored by author Annie Brown. Contest ends October 7, 2013

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Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it. Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything. Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.

About The Author



Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual’s life. It is Annie’s desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

Book Excerpt

A Remedy to Get to the Root of the Problem

WHAT IS NEEDED is that the people of God “must” clean out their secret compartments and confess that they need the Lord to deliver them. Confession is made unto salvation (deliverance). If we confess our faults, the Lord is faithful in forgiving us.

You may ask, “Why do I have to confess if I was not responsible for what happened to me?” The issue then becomes whether you have forgiven the person that caused me this harm. If there is no forgiveness, then you become a victim twice: a victim of circumstance, and a victim of bondage. This can be in some ways more dangerous than cancer. This will always be eating away at you. With cancer, at least you know what is going on in your body. Being a victim of circumstance and having an unforgiving heart bring torment. This torment becomes a part of you in such a way that it eats through your mind, destroys your inner peace, and puts your soul in jeopardy because it becomes a heart matter of sin.

Links to Visit

Email Address: aclara2002@yahoo.com

Publisher Website www.outskirtspress.com/christianswithpervasiveissues

Author Website: www.anniecbrown.com

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christians-with-Pervasive-Issues/333501483361141

Buy Links

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Christians-with-Pervasive-Issues-ebook/dp/B005IAAPMK/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1

Outskirts Press: http://outskirtspress.com/webpage.php?ISBN=9781432775766

Treasures in the Darkness Review

Treasures in the Darkness

By: Bishop Larry Brandon



I really enjoyed viewing this book. I have a family member who has endured the same thing that Bishop Brandon has experienced. I see the pain in this individual and their grieving process has been overwhelming for me. I don’t know if I could’ve endured this without the help of the Lord Jesus. In this book, I know that it is very important to keep the Faith in the Lord JESUS and yield to what he is instructing you to do. You must Believe God and come to him during your time of testing of your Faith. When you are beginning to question God or doubt him it is recommended to call upon him and Obey him and allow him to order your step, to reshape your life and experience the Lord leading you unto your destiny.


There are more individuals that are in the church that talk the talk, but there is no Faith filled action coupled with the faith. You say that many individuals hear it, but they don’t believe what they are reading or hearing. We must develop a relationship with God by worshipping him and that becomes ministry to God and produces a love for his people. Many people will put up their guards and take their masks faster than any minister likes to admit. Do what you can to change the atmosphere in our churches.


We find that personal values and issues can keep you from becoming transparent. If an individual does not open up in front of their brothers and sisters in Christ, this will cause them to miss a divine opportunity of healing and deliverances. God has made this available but some individuals can not relieve this grip that is upon their lives causing them to miss one of the greatest blessings ever imaginable for them. I have found that many people were brought up in families in which they were told “What goes on in this house, stays in this house.” Even though they were told this they still bring this kind of mentality into the church.


This statement can cause individuals to put up walls of protection up and that can keep anyone from getting too close to them. God’s way of doing things is not to keep everything private. You must be willing to come out of the darkness (ignorance) so that God can heal you. When you experience this type of challenge this should enable you to share this whether it is financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual with the Lord or anyone else or you’ll self-destruct. Your struggles can follow you to the household of Faith/House of GOD. When you are not allowed to deal with your struggles/problems then this will allow the anointing to lift from you.


Whatever you are going through we are suggested not to hold on to this pain, but we are instructed to release it. This decision will influence others. We must identify the source of our problems/issues to experience healing but if we hold onto them the result will become private pain and this will hinder your progress. When you experience a loss only GOD can reveal your true progress in life and your ministry will be birthed to do a great work for the kingdom of GOD. This brings “TRUE RELATIONSHIP” with the Lord. Remember whatever situation that you are in and there seems like there is no end you will find that GOD will breathe LIFE into your situation through your pain. When GOD breathes “LIFE” this scripture comes to my mind, “Is There Anything too Hard for the Lord”?


Reviewed by:
L. Gentry



The Eleventh Commandment Review

The Eleventh Commandment Review

When I started to read this book I did not know that this was the 8th installment of The Hallelujah Love Series. I must say, I was not lost or confused. The Eleventh Commandment is an excellent read and I truly enjoyed this book. In Eleventh Commandment you will meet Frieda, Hope and Stacy. The storyline is excellent and if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t realize it’s a Christian book. Lutishia brings you unfaithfulness, abuse, courage, love and so much more into this book.  IT was amazing to see Lutishia pull so many characters and plots together.  Each couple are faced with their own obstacles as well as individuals.  



Lutishia Lovely is an actor and  former radio personality who resides near San Diego, CA. She is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and live, Skype or teleconferenced book club meetings. She loves to meet readers and thrives on sharing her
personal story, one that will hopefully inspire others to live their dreams. Lutishia grew up in a small Kansas town, and often had to rely on her own creativity and imagination for entertainment. Her childhood habit of long conversations with imaginary friends has evolved into a satisfying, award-winning literary career which includes six books in the Hallelujah Love series and four romance novels by her alter-ego, Zuri Day. Since childhood, she’s also had a deep-seated belief that dreams can come true. This is what gave her the courage to take her self-published novel to a conference attended by 25,000 people, give one book to one editor, and get a book deal. She says that magic can happen when we truly believe…



Tender to the Touch Review

tender to the touch



Tender to the Touch


By: Nicole Rouse


Tender to the Touch is an excellent Christian read. It deals with infidelity, lies, betrayal and so much more. In Tender to the Touch Nicole takes you on a journey of six friends. Each friend has their own trials in tribulations, but in the end some trials are greater than others.


Nicole S. Rouse brings you a story about true friendship, abuse and how one’s lies can catch up with you. Through it all the ladies has a test of faith, but with God on their side they are determined not to let the devil win. This is a great read and Nicole does excellent with the story line. I really enjoyed reading this novel.


I believe in some way, this novel would be a great inspiration to a lot of women out there.


Here’s a brief prologue of the novel:


The blood covering J. Amanda’s hands did not belong to her. Neither did the blotches of blood on her casual brown khakis. In total shock, she dragged her body across the recently remodeled kitchen floor, and as she leaned against the refrigerator, she stared at the faint smears of blood that had trailed her. Numb to her surroundings, J. Amanda wiped her trembling hands on her pants, then subconsciously reached for the gold cross hanging from her neck. Oh my God! What just happened? she asked herself. 

                 As she looked around the kitchen, she covered her mouth with her red-stained hands. The smell of death surrounded her. How could she be so foolish? In her quest to find happiness, she had damaged the lives of her loved ones and close friends. What had happened in the kitchen was all her fault, and no one could convince her otherwise. “This can’t be real,” she mumbled in disbelief. “God wouldn’t do this to me. I’m only thirty-nine years old.” 

                 Feeling like a failure, J. Amanda crawled back to the center of the room in tears and stopped by the gun that had fired the fatal shot. It was only a matter of time before the police arrived, and she knew that once they assessed the scene of the crime, she would be headed to jail. 

J. Amanda had disappointed everyone—her family, her friends, her ministry, and, most of all, God. 

                  Reaching for the gun lying by her leg, she wiped the tears from her cheeks with each arm. This is the price I have to pay for taking my eyes off of you, she sobbed. Then, slowly, J. Amanda closed her eyes as she lifted the gun to her temple, and in a childlike voice she moaned, “I’m so sorry, God.”



Flawfully Wedded Wives Review


flawfully wedded wives

I just finished reading Flawfully Wedded Wives by Shana Burton. I must admit, I was a little skeptical in the beginning. Once I got to reading it, the book was really good and inspiring. In this book you will meet Sullivan, Lawson, Kina, Reginell and Angel five friends with five different issues. 

Just when Sullivan, Lawson, Kina, Angel, and Reginell finally think they’ve gotten life figured out, fate steps in and throws them a curve ball, adding fuel to the drama that seems to follow the ladies wherever they go. The ladies often allow themselves to be led by their hearts instead of their heads, but this time, they will have no other choice but to listen to the voice of the Lord.

You will be taken on emotional roller coaster but will be uplifted from the wonderful scriptures that Shana uses in her book. This book has an awesome storyline and it will keep your interest from the beginning to the end.

Shana Burton will begin her virtual book tour starting August 12-23, 2013. Stop by one of her tours and check her out.


About the Author


As a child, Shana Johnson Burton, a native of Macon, Georgia, wanted to be two things: an author and a flower. Eventually, she sided with being an author. She is a two-time Georgia Author of the Year nominee and has received many awards and accolades for her work as both an author and educator. She is the mother of two children and enjoys reading, dancing, traveling, and taking long naps. In addition to Flawfully Wedded Wives, Shana Burto is the Author of Suddenly Single, First Comes Love, Catt Chasin’, Flaws and All, and Flaw Less. Shana can be contact at shana.j.burton@gmail.com



The Audubon Park Murder Review

A Sleepy Carter Mystery
By Brian W. Smith

The is the first murder mystery book I believe I have ever read. The excerpts that I had read, really had me intrigued and not to mention it was written by one of my favorite authors. If you have ever read a book by Brian W. Smith you know he’s going to bring you the best. The Audubon Park Mystery is no different.

In this new Sleepy Carter Series you will meet a legendary veteran detective who has seemed to fell off the face of the earth. When the latest park murder happens Detective Carter comes back.Lizzy Silverman is eager to find out why Sleepy has not been around but even more eager to find out why he’s at her house. Is Sleepy Carter back to help Detective Silverman become the best their is or does Sleepy have a motive? Hmmm, you have to read to find out. The is so much mystery, motive and opportunity of who committed the murder and why.

As usual Brian delivers another BWS hit, I look forward to reading more of the Sleepy Carter Series.


Never Say Never Review

never say never

Never Say Never

By: Victoria Christopher Murray

Never Say Never is a very appropriate title, because you never know what you will do when you are faced with difficult situations. Meet Miriam who has just lost her world; her husband Chauncey. Miriam doesn’t know which way is up when it comes to the recent death of her husband. But when a family friend steps to comfort her, things begin to get tangled. But oh, how tangled do they get. Is Miriam in love with Chauncey or is it just lust? What will happen when the secrets are revealed?

Never Say Never is an awesome read and it will have you wanting to know more from the first the first page. Victoria Christopher Murray has done an excellent job with this book. I truly believe this is the best that I have read by her. You will find lost, loyalty and betrayal all wrapped in here. Never Say Never is one of the best most exciting books I have read in a well.

Review copy was provided by author.

Coming Soon:

June 4, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-4516-9577


About the Author

Victoria Christopher Murray is a national bestselling author with nineteen novels to her credit. She garnered critical acclaim with her infamous Jasmine Cox Larson Bush character in novels including Lady Jasmine; Too Little, Too Late; and The Ex Files. Most recently, she teamed up with renowned and bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley, to create a fun, new series bringing their fan-favorite heroines together in Sinners & Saints. Victoria is currently on the road with ReShonda promoting their latest in the series, Friends & Foes (February 26, 2013).

In 2012, Murray received her second NAACP Image Award nomination for

Outstanding Literary Work-Fiction (Destiny’s Divas). She has received numerous awards including the Golden Pen Award for Best Inspirational Fiction and the Phyllis Wheatley Trailblazer Award for being a pioneer in African American Christian Fiction. And in 2008, she won the African American Literary Award for Best Novel (Too Little, Too Late) and Female Author of the Year.

Now in Murray’s latest emotionally charged and inspiring novel, NEVER SAY NEVER (Touchstone Books / A Simon & Schuster Trade Paperback; June 4, 2013; $15.00; ISBN: 978-1-4516-9577-9), a passionate and dangerous love affair threatens to destroy both a marriage and a friendship.

When Miriam’s fireman husband, Chauncey, dies in a school fire, Miriam feels like her life is over. How is she going to raise her three children all by herself? How will she survive without the love of her life?

Luckily, Miriam’s sister-friend Emily—and Emily’s husband, Jamal—are there to comfort her. Jamal was Chauncey’s best friend and is happy to step in and help Miriam with the funeral and her children, and he gives her hope that she has a future. But all the time that they spend together—grieving, sharing, and reminiscing—brings the two closer in ways they never planned, and they soon find themselves in the 
middle of a heated affair.

Lost in the fog of grief and lust, neither is even sure if their passionate affair is real. While Jamal is filled with guilt, sure that this new relationship is all about loss, Miriam believes that she is in love. But then, Emily finds out, and Emily and Jamal have to deal with this woman scorned—and her hunger for revenge. In this tangle of love, longing, and loyalty, can any of the relationships survive?

NEVER SAY NEVER is another fast-paced and compelling novel by Essence bestseller Victoria Christopher 

victoria christopher murray



Get You Good Review

Get You Good

By: Rhonda Bowen

What can I say about Get You Good. This book was good from the beginning to the end. Get You Good is a about Love, Betrayal and Faith. Sydney Isaac has two main priorities; Decadent and her family. She has strong bond with her family, but her brother Dean comes back home, things start to go bad. Sydney realize that she slowly losing what she loves. Will she lose her faith or will she realize that with faith nothing is impossible.

Get You Good has a strong story line and will have you wanting to read more. It keeps you intrigued from beginning to the end. Rhonda Bowen does a good job with this book. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Get You Good

Get You Good

Available in stores and online March 26, 2013

Sydney Isaacs has two priorities: her family, and Decadent, the gourmet pastry business they founded almost three generations ago. But both are in jeopardy when her brother, Dean, announces his sudden engagement to the conniving Sheree Vern. Much to Sydney’s dismay, Dean inherits ownership of Decadent, despite his lack of interest. Now he and Sheree are selling the chain to finance his dreams of becoming a music producer—or so Dean believes…

Thanks to Sheree, Dean’s plans, the business, and his marriage, soon implode in ways he never expected—leaving Sydney determined to salvage whatever she can, and fix the mess left behind. Her only solace is her romance with Hayden Windsor. But Hayden is Sheree’s half brother, and it doesn’t take long for Sydney to wonder if Hayden knew about Sheree’s scheming all along? Soon Sydney creates a deception of her own to find out the truth. Her strategy is working, until the consequences threaten to destroy everything she values most—including her faith. Overcome with guilt, can she make things right with her brother, with Hayden, and with God?

Fancy Review

Fancy Review

by: Vanna B.

Fancy was a nice, clean and an easy read. I was fortunate to be gifted this book by the author and I must truly say the book was awesome. Fancy is filled with action and will have you wanting more. In this book you will meet a young lady named Maribel on the inside but on the outside she’s Fancy. She’s a young girl who is not happy with herself so she pretends to be someone else. Fancy didn’t have much of a guidance growing up to teach her differently. This is a good read for young girls as well as adults because so many women go through the things Fancy does.

Vanna B does a good job with the storyline and is a very talented writer. I can’t wait to read Part 2 of Fancy.



fancy pic

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