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About the Author

Lydia E. Brew has Cerebral Palsy and as a child she could not play like so she daydreamed. She loves drama and writing.  Lydia began writing in elementary school “Why do you think they call it dope?” The essay was placed on the front bulletin board lobby of Roosevelt Elementary School. She did not know that was the beginning of her writing journey.

Lydia is the author of Ungolden Silence, a thought provoking novel about rape and how it affects not only the victim, but the people that surround them. Go to Ungolden Silence.com and Amazon.com.



About the Book


Beatrice James and Elaine Wilson work for a marketing firm in Houston, Texas. Life hasn’t been easy for Elaine as she copes with her disability, and at the same time manages to function in her everyday life. The two coworkers and friends jump at the opportunity to help run a Disabled Awareness Campaign when Mrs. Stevens, from Washington D.C., calls the ladies up and pitches the idea. Elaine agrees to chair the campaign and Beatrice agree to be second chair. Both women agree to meet with Mrs. Stevens in Washington to get the campaign set-up and running. All goes well until Thomas Paige enter the scene.

Mrs. Stevens herself is excited to meet, for the first time, the dapper and charming Thomas Paige, who is a well-known community leader. It doesn’t take long for the charm to evaporate and Thomas began to shed his wool, revealing the wolf underneath the sheep’s clothing. Elaine begins to sense that there’s something more to Thomas than what he’s presenting, but will it be too late when she finds out for certain?

Ungolden Silence will have you peeling off what’s underneath a man’s exterior, before peeling back the sheets.

Read an Excerpt

This is where the plot begins. Notice how Mr. Paige it using Elaine’s disability

As the four talked for an hour or so, Mr. Thomas Page did not take his eyes off Beatrice. He ignored Elaine completely. He would often sit by Beatrice and after a few minutes; she would move. Elaine could see that Mr. Paige liked Beatrice, but she didn’t return the feeling and was uncomfortable and a bit irritated with his attention. When Mrs. Stevens offered to show Elaine the baby grand piano in her music room, Mr. Paige and Beatrice were left alone. Beatrice decided she needed to get a few things straight.

“Look, you seem to be a nice guy, but I’m not interested. You’re making me very uncomfortable,” Beatrice added. Mr. Paige did not seem to hear her.

“Alone at last, Miss James,” he said in a soft gentle voice as he stroked her face.

The second that Beatrice felt his fingers on her face, her anger turned to fear. She did not want to let Mr. Paige know that he frightened her.

“I did not give you permission to touch me! Listen, I’m not interested in you, in any way. Please, just leave me alone!” Beatrice said angrily. The pleasantness was gone and her teeth were clenched. However, before she finishes her statement Mr. Paige had his hands on her buttocks. In that instance Beatrice remembers when she was sixteen. It was a hot summer day: she was lying on the sofa half asleep. She awakens to her uncle kissing and caressing her face. He did not stop there he unzipped his pants and began to slide his hand and was pulling down her panties when Judy came into the room. Beatrice’s mind came to the present.

“Oh no, I think that we can have a good time this week,” he said in the same manner as before.

“I said no! Now get your hands off me!” Beatrice snatched her body away from his reach knocking his shades off. The man’s breath had a faint odor of alcohol. His eyes were glassy red. However, Beatrice did not take notice because she was so shocked from the memory of what her uncle did to her and the fact that this man was making a move on her was overwhelming. Mr. Paige returned to his seat and put his shades back on his face only because he heard Mrs. Stevens and Elaine returning.

When Elaine walked in and sat down, she picked up on some strange vibes from Beatrice. There was a strange look in her colleague’s eyes. This troubled Elaine because she knew something was upsetting Beatrice. “Are you alright?”?

“No, I’m not feeling very well. Let’s go back to the hotel.”?

“I can drive you,” Mr. Paige offered.?

“No, we got our limo. Mrs. Stevens, I’ll call you in the morning. I just need to lie down.”?
“Yes, of course,” Mrs. Stevens said with concern.?When Mr. Paige offered to help Elaine, Beatrice said in a frightened voice, “No! I-I’ll help Elaine.”?Elaine first thought that she was imagining things “Beatrice is frightened him,” she thought to herself as she heard her friend’s voice. “What did he do to her when we were gone?” The limo met them in the front. Mrs. Stevens walked Elaine to the door and Collins helped her rest of the way.

Mr. Paige was still talking to Beatrice. “Look, if you are not well, who will look after Elaine?”

“Sir, I can handle Miss Wilson’s needs; they are rather personal. I would prefer that you call her Miss Wilson.” Beatrice was trying not to let her fear and anger get the best of her. She did not want to alarm Elaine.

“Okay, then. What if I come to your room and make a cup of coffee for you.”

“Look, Mr. Paige, I do not give people my room number. My room is off limits. Now I am not feeling well. I just want my privacy right now. Please respect that,” Beatrice admonishes.

“But I want to help.”

“Look, Mr. Paige, we will contact you tomorrow,” Elaine said as plainly as she could. “Please, Miss James says she is not feeling well.”

“Look, Honey, I’m talking to her, not you.” Mr. Paige said in a demeaning manner. “Bless your heart. I don’t want her to have to take care of you. She isn’t feeling well, and I can take care of her; you can’t. You just don’t have the mental capacity.”

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Beatrice said angrily.

“Okay now,” He tried to place a hand on Beatrice’s shoulder. Beatrice pulled away.

“Take your damn hands off me. Just leave me the hell alone.” Elaine had never seen Beatrice like this before. When Mrs. James became ill and Beatrice and Judy thought that they were going to lose her, Beatrice was upset, but nothing like this. However, Elaine sensed that for some reason, Mr. Paige was frightening Beatrice, and she could not get away from him fast enough.

The conversation was taking place as the four were walking down the driveway to the limo. Mrs. Stevens was having the driveway fixed, and the limo was parked near the street. Collins was holding Elaine’s arm to make sure she didn’t fall. Neither Collins nor Elaine could believe what was going on. “Collins, get me in the limo, get Miss James away from Mr. Paige, and get us out of here. Now!” Elaine ordered. She was angry and decided to take control of the situation.

“Yes ma’am,” Collins could not believe what he was seeing, Mr. Paige was not respecting Beatrice’s space at all, and that was upsetting her more and more as the seconds went by. Once he got Elaine in the limo, Collins walked back, as Elaine looked back to see what was going on. Tears were now rolling down Beatrice’s face, and she was not saying a word. She had begun to shake. Collins was able to help Beatrice sit down in the limo while Elaine was taking Beatrice’s briefcase and purse from her hands. Mr. Paige attempted to hold the door.

Elaine knew Beatrice very well, so even though she was shocked by it, Elaine knew that something happened when she was gone for Beatrice to respond to Mr. Paige the way she was.

“Sir, this is their limo, and I think I heard Miss James ask for her privacy. You will respect that.” Collins stayed in his chauffeur’s role and did not take over. However, it was obvious to him that this man was not respecting the wishes of his clients, and needed help.

“How dare you speak to me like that; do you know who I am?” Mr. Paige roared.

“Right now, no sir. The man I thought you were would never disrespect a lady’s wishes. Now, move your hand so we can go. I have my orders.”

The interaction between Collins and Mr. Paige was taking place as Collins continued assisting Beatrice into the limo. As Elaine reached for Beatrice, she really became concerned, because Beatrice was shaking so badly. Beatrice’s eyes were watery as tears continued to roll down her face. This started after Elaine had gone with Collins, which was only a minute before.

“Please, get me out of here, get me out of here. Just get him away from me. Just get him away from me, get him away from me please!!” Beatrice said in a low voice. Elaine was frightened herself.

“Okay, Partner, I hear you, I hear you,” Elaine said to herself.?“Look, don’t you see that this woman isn’t feeling well?”?“Collins, please close the door and get going. Good night Mr. Paige!!” Elaine ordered.

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Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/Ungolden-Silence-Thought-Provoking-Novel/dp/1425798918/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409104973&sr=8-1&keywords=lydia+brew

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  1. Tywebbin Publicity
    Oct 09, 2014 @ 00:25:05

    Tiffany, Thank you for hosting Lydia Brew and introducing your readers to her book, Ungolden Silence.


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