When Rain Falls Review

When Rain Falls by: Tyora Moody
Wow…..what can I say. This is the first book I have read by Tyora Moody. When Rain Falls is an excellent read. When Rain Falls is very intriguing and it will keep your interest. Tyora Moody does an excellent job with the storyline. In When Rain Falls Tyora brings you murder, vengeance, and grief. It has you wondering, ok who really did commit the murder.

Meet Candace, a young lady who has lost her husband and her best friend to murder. Detective Darnell Jackson is assigned to the case of Pamela Coleman. Little did Darnell know, Candace doesn’t trust the police department too much. Determined to find her friends killer, she decides to do some detective work of her own. Between Detective Darnell Jackson and Candace they have the same ideas and clues about who committed the murder. Little did she know it was someone close to her.
A galley proof provided by author for review of When Rain Falls.
Releases March 2012
• ISBN-10: 1601628226
• ISBN-13: 978-1601628220
“Why does God keep taking away the people I love?”


My True Essence Review

My True Essence
By: Shawneda Meeks

My True Essence is the story of 3 friends who share something in common and that is Cancer. Rebecca is a young lady, married, has her own company, no kids. Rebecca aunt was recently diagnosed with Cancer, but she is slowly decreasing. Meet Dani, she is a successful beauty shop owner who recently finds out she has cancer. Now, I want you to meet Jenessa a single mother of two, who daughter tricks her into going to the doctor. These three ladies go on an emotional journey as the battle with Cancer and as the put on a project for cancer.

Shawneda Meeks is a talented author and this book is really awesome. It very real and emotional and you will not be disappointed. It will have you teary eyed from the beginning to the end.


Destiny’s Child Review

Destiny’s Child by: Lacha’ Mitchell
Featuring Dasia Washington

Destiny’s Child is a great read. In this teen series bok (not just for teens), you will meet Daisa Washington. A young girl who loses her mother and father all in one day. Daisa is a young girl who struggles with her looks, being raped, abuse and tragedy. There are only two people who knows what she is going through and that’s her two best friends, Sklyar and Maliya. They vow to take her secert to their grave, but little did they know it would only get worse. With the help of the twins mom, they get Daisa some help. Is it to late for the help, or will it be right on time? It’s is a must read for teens and their parents. It’s awesome and it brings reality, prayers, secrets, and etc to you.

Here is a excerpt of the book….check it out for yourself….

Destiny’s Child -Excerpt

I couldn’t believe that Darnell went upside my head again. He promised that after nearly putting me in the hospital two months ago, he would change his ways. Darnell was my boyfriend of the last three years. I met him right after my mother was murdered. I guess I fell for him so fast because my world had been turned upside down and I had no one to draw near to. When I first saw Darnell Carter, I looked at his honey brown complexion and my mouth begun to salivate. I had never in my life seen anything nor anyone that looked as good as him. His body closely resembled that of a body builder. Oh, brother man was stacked and his twelve, not six pack looked good enough to eat a meal off of. I really am not sure how much more of this abuse I can take, and especially in front of my eighteen month old son. There were three reasons I continued to deal with Darnell. One is that I have already stated the obvious, he is fine. Look at him and look at me, yeah I did the right thing. Second, he asked me when he first met me who Omari’s daddy was and when I told him that my daddy had been raping me since I was fourteen and that Omari was his baby; he dealt with me or tolerated me anyway. He continued to show interest, not so much in me, but for what I could offer him. See, he knew that I was living in the projects, the same one that most of his dope fiend customers lived in. Darnell looked over the indiscretions of my past and even provided for Omari, which was the third reason I allowed him to stay in my life.

It’s Love For Her Review

It’s Love For Her
by: Marques Lewis

“I just finished reading It’s Love for Her by Marques Lewis. My mind is lie wow right now. This book is an Erotica book, but it’s also about the search for love. I want you to meet Sanaa a young lady with two kids, who is on the search for love. Sanaa meets Shawn; a man whose single, intelligent and great with her kids. Then Sanaa meets Matt, who also a great man, focused on him going graduating college and working. Sanaa has two great men, but which will she chose? She makes a choice and one of them is not a happy camper.

Drama, drama and more drama is what Sanaa keeps going through. Her wild nights of passionate sex to fighting with wives and baby daddies. There is so much drama, prayer, sex, and whatever else you can think of in this book. Marques Lewis does a very good job with the storyline. It’s Love for Her will have you interest from the beginning to the end. So Found out what happens to Sanaa on her journey for love.”

This book is scheduled for release on January 10, 2012

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